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Blood Bank

Institute has state-of-the art blood bank with latest equipments like:-

1)     Six donor coaches: For donation of blood by six persons at a time.

2)     Component Separation Unit: For separating each component of blood to be used accordingly.

3)     OPTI machine: For leucoreduction to minimize the complications of blood transfusion.

4)     Platelet Agitator; For storage of 48 bags of  platelets at a time.

5)     Plasma Expressor: For separation of plasma from whole blood contained in double bag.

6)     Plasma Freezer: To store plasma at a consistent  sub zero temperature for a long time.

7)     Aphaeresis: For separating platelets from single donor, platelets are emerging need of the patients of malaria and dengue.

8)     Excellent blood storage machine in the form of special refrigerators


1.      Quality control and working station: Separate unit where quality assurance of blood with carefully done cross matching and blood grouping along with viral screening is done in a controlled environment.

2.      a & b ELISA room and Chemiluminesence: ELISA system and Chemiluminesence to screen and diagnose all cases where serology is suspicious or positive on card testsState of art lab caters to the working and haemovigilance programmes at state and national level.

3.      Microscopic room of Blood Bank: Where all types blood group testing procedures are carried out round the clock  under the strict vigilance of trained doctors.

4.      Platelets : are readily available 24hrs in the blood bank.

5.      SDPC: is also available round the clock.

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