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  • Online Admission Portal Launch

    SGRDIMSR Online Admission Portal Launched on 10-11-2013.

  • Web App Launch

    SGRDIMSR Web Application Launched on 15-01-2013.

Student Feedback

Student Feedback

Regularity in Teaching-

The teachers are very regular, punctual, disciplined and enthusiastic to teach and make students learn new things. The teachers are very communicative, interactive and also strict. The regularity in delivering lectures has been highly praised by the students. There is no skipping of classes. All classes are taken as per schedule. Teachers are always up to date with new guidelines. All doubts of students are cleared with appropriate use of power point presentations, models and simple language. Even during clinical rounds, teaching is done regularly.

Practical demonstration-

They are conducted regularly and properly. Latest models and specimens are used to clarify concepts. In practical skills, history taking is taught in detail. General physical examination and systemic examination is taught very well. Practical demonstrations are done very well by junior residents and senior residents.  

Hands on training-

Simple techniques like Ryle’s tube administration, catheterization, suturing, cannula insertion, dressing of wounds and abscess drainage are taught well and opportunities given to practice them. General practical and basic procedures are taught and practiced by interns systematically. 

Infrastructure facilities available-  

Well equipped, fully AC comfortable Lecture halls. All advanced equipments and facilities are available. Wifi facility is also available in the college premises as well as hostels.

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