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Library Rules

The library contains a large number of books with a wide range of topics in Medical Sciences. Many Journals & Periodicals are available to the students for borrowing and references. The students will strictly observe the rules of the Library, which are given below:
  • There shall be a Library Committee, which will function under the general control of Director-Principal/Principal.
  • The library shall remain open from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M., every day except on Sundays and holidays.
  • Silence and order must be maintained in the Library at all times. Any infringement of this rule will invite serious action.
  • Any person who causes loss, defaces or otherwise damages a book, Journal or periodical shall be liable to pay the cost at the current price, and in the event of the books being one of a set or series, the cost of the whole set or series will be recovered if the lost/damaged single copy is not available in the market for replacement of the lost/damaged book.
  • Books that are required for occasional references, such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases, Year Books shall not be issued from the Library.
  • Books borrowed from the Library are not transferable.
  • Books will be issued strictly on the priority of demand.
  • A limited number of book can be taken from the Library at a time on the basis of Library card.
  • No book shall be kept by any student for more than 14 days. For each day a book is kept over-time he/she shall have to pay a fine of Rs.10/- per book till it is returned to the Library.
  • Every borrower shall be issued a borrower's card. If this is lost, a duplicate card shall be issued by the office on payment of Rs.100/-
  • During the annual stock checking in the month of June, or at any other time, all books issued must be returned. A student who does not return the books shall have to pay double the charges i.e., Rs.20/- per day.
  • Newspapers are kept on day to day basis for the use of students and it must not be taken away under any circumstances, nor any page or a part of it be torn away.

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