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Department of Community Medicine

Urban Health Centre is located near the historical Gurudwara Shahid Ganj, at a distance of approximately 8 kms from the Medical College, Vallah. It subserves  an urban population of around 13,000 in the various scattered slum areas. It offers various health services like daily OPD with free dispensing of common medication, distribution of iron & folic and tablets, immunization services both under NIS which are provided free of cost & the special vaccines like HIB, Chickenpox, typhoid etc which are administered at subsidized rates. Cu-T insertions are also done.

Rural Health Centre  is located in village Mallunangal at a distance of 25 kms from the Medical College. It is a Residential Centre which provides exclusive health services e.g. The OPD with free medicine dispensing, immunization services, Cu-T insertions etc. It sub serves a population of around 26,000 in 10 villages. The centre also possesses a minor operation theatre for carrying out minor procedures and emergency suturing etc.

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