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Department of Dermatology

Equipped with well trained faculty and latest medical technology, the department of dermatology is providing health care services ranging from minor ailments to critical illnesses requiring tertiary care facilities. Other facilities being provided by the department include cosmetic procedures for example:- chemical peeling, lasers, microdermabrasion, narrow band  phototherapy, UVB and minor surgical procedures like radiocautery, chemical cautery and vitiligo surgery. The department is also equipped with state of art lasers which include Q switched NdYag for tattoo removal, birth marks etc. and fractional co2 laser for surgical scars, acne scars, stretch marks and as an anti-wrinkle treatment. The energetic staff of the department actively participates in patient care not only in the hospital, but also during medical camps organized in other areas. Various special clinics for Leprosy, sexually transmitted diseases and vitiligo, being run by the department not only provide specific disease  focused, skilled management to the patient but are also helpful in research work. The department also  imparts clinical training to postgraduates (M.D.) and undergraduates (MBBS).


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